Seth + Savvy

Seth and Savvy where married October 13, 2018 in the beautiful state of Oregon. Although they received their pictures long ago I decided to make a post about their beautiful day because it just needed to happen.

I have known Seth for a while and considered him a friend, so I was excited when he started dating Savvy because she gave him a run for his money (which is what he needed). As I got to know Savvy more and more it was apparent how these two were so perfect for each other. So, when the wedding came around I was lucky enough to be their “florist” and Bridesmaidographer. These two busted out a wedding in three-ish months which was impressive to say the least. But, Seth being Seth, decided that he wanted to be married under a pergola in his parents beautiful back yard… the only problem was that the pergola wasn’t built yet. So not only did they plan a wedding in that amount of time, but also built a pergola….. unbelievable (shout out to Seth’s Dad for helping him bust that pergola out).

When people decide to get married in someone’s back yard it’s easy to forget that a lot of times there are animals that live there too. This was the case for Seth and Savvy’s wedding. At their venue there was an adorable cat that belonged to Seth’s parents. This cat thought that everyone was there for her and she made sure everyone knew that. For most brides they might be nervous about a cat being to close to their wedding dress, tipping over decorations or maybe even photobombing too many pictures. Not Savvy, she loves cats more than the average human and it shows in each photo the kitty popped into.

I love to capture the personalities I find at each shoot so this wedding was one to remember. So enjoy the pictures from Seth and Savvy’s wedding. They are both beautiful people and Im lucky to call them both friends.