Mom & Dad

This might not be a typical wedding post, usually my wedding blogs are of young couples excited to start their lives together but this post isn’t that. This post is what a happy marriage looks like 35 years later and I believe that’s something to brag about.

This is my mom and dad. I have obviously had to deal with these two my whole life but I’m not going to complain about it. Just kidding, the one thing I hated growing up is having friends over and then having them start making out on the couch.. that was gross to me. Then when I told them to get a room my dad’s response was, “This whole house is my room”. Well played dad, well played…

Anyways, these two humans have done so much I admire. They have raised five kids, my mom homeschooled all five of us, taught us how to cook, clean, and memorize bible verses. My dad taught us work ethic (even if its an unhealthy one) by working 15-20 hour days so he could provide for his family. They both put all of us kids through Christian education, they took us to church, taught us about God, prayed with us and for us, and have watch almost each one of us kids go threw near death experiences (some kids more than others) while still continuing to trust in God.

As I get older my love, respect and appreciation has grown for both of them. Life is so weird, as a kid all you want to do is get away and be “grown up”, have your own house and your own things. But now, I find myself sitting in my house, wishing that I could just walk down my stairs to my dad’s office and have another late night chat with him (he doesn’t work the same late hours anymore). I miss coming home from school after a long day and having a home-cooked meal smelling up the house, especially one that I didn’t have to make myself.

As I took my parents pictures today time stopped for a second, they both finished kissing then looked at me and smiled for a picture. I realized right then that one day I would look at that picture I just took and it would just be a sweet memory I could look back on….and that’s all I would have, a memory. Maybe it’s because death has been happening way to much in my life lately but it made me sad to think about for a number of reasons. I realized that two people I lived with almost for my whole life have now become two people I love but hardly even see and I felt a little homesick…why do we put so many things in front of our loved ones? Was work, a phone game or text messages that much more Important than spending time with the people we care about?

Life is so short, but it’s very sweet. I was raised by two amazing people that loved God and their family. I will always look up to my parents and be thankful that they taught me how to love the Lord, care for others, how to work hard, and follow my dreams. Two things I will thank God for tonight is that I had loving parents that showed me what a healthy relationship & marriage looks like and that I got to spend today celebrating it with them.

So remember to love each other and don’t take the little things for granted.

I love you mom and dad, thank you for being such amazing parents, I’m so happy we got to spend the day with you.

You’re both sexy and I don’t care who knows it!

Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary <3