Leiran + Zack

I meet Leiran about a year and a half ago when she came over to my house with my bestest cousin, Hadley, for Graduation at Walla Walla University. We started talking about how she was getting married in a little over a year and how excited she was about it. Hadley had told her I was a photographer and we started talking about her wedding. A month or so later she picked up the phone and called me, she wanted me to shoot her wedding and I was honored. So after about a year of talking & planning with the bride and groom I made my way over to beautiful Snohomish, Washington!

I love shooting weddings because I get to be apart of a new family for a day. Each family I have worked with has loved on me and treated me like gold and this family wasn’t any different. The love in this family brought me to tears multiple times with how much love was shown to each other and me (yes I cry at weddings). Usually it’s mostly the Bride and Groom that are so welcoming and loving but this time it was two other people that were especially welcoming and kind, the venue owners! When Leiran and Zack were talking about getting married Leiran told their family friends down the street (Lance and Nancy) that she wanted to get married in their yard. Lance and Nancy said their house wasn’t ready for a wedding so Leiran so kindly gave them a year to figure it out!

Lance and Nancy’s labor of love showed not only with all the hard work they did for the venue but also everything they did for the wedding day and the days leading up to the wedding! The night before the wedding there was a flash flood that put some of the venue under water since they had a pond that overflowed. Lance and Nancy weren’t about to let a little flash flood ruin the wedding so around 3 or 4 in the morning (I honestly don’t think they slept) they got up and raked all the bark dust back into all the flower beds and fixed everything the flash flood ruined. It doesn’t stop there, throughout the whole wedding they would help me every step of the way. I didn’t want to get the bridesmaid dresses dirty so they held a wooden dowel so I could hang the bridesmaid’s dresses on it. At one point I was taking pictures of the bride and the soft wind stopped so Lance freaking walked out and got a giant board so he could fan the bride for me! I’m honestly going to hire them to go to every wedding with me! They were a God sent for so many people that day! I know I only saw maybe 5% of what they did that day!

Like all weddings, I felt honored to capture such a beautiful and special day! Thank you everyone for the love you showed me and for excepting me into your beautiful family for the day!