Jeff + Lauren

Where do I start with these two!? I have known Jeff and his family.... pretty much my whole life. SO, I was so excited to hear that he fell in love with a gorgeous girl that was just as wonderful as he was/is! 

Jeff, Lauren and I had our first shoot together in the winter time.  It was snowing like crazy and we were freezing our bums off but that didn't keep them from having a great time and getting some pretty incredible pictures! It's easy to take pictures of two people that are obviously so in love and have such amazing chemistry, so I knew the wedding would be amazing.

The wedding day came and I couldn't believe how everything came together. The weather was a God sent! Honestly, the weather was what I was praying it would be! Clear blue sky with a nice breeze and even lighting! There's nothing worse then shooting an outdoor wedding in 105 degree weather (last year I did three weddings in june that were over 100 degrees.... it sucked, lol). I think ALL of us were happy with that day's forecast! 

That Friday, I was so blessed with working with two amazing families, having a good friend of mine help me shoot the wedding, having the perfect weather, shooting in a beautiful venue, working with extremely easy going bride and groom, eating delicious food, and enjoying a day filled with love! 

So, with that being said, congratulations Jeff & Lauren Gilbert! Prayers to you, your new family, and a life filled with joy and love! Thanks for trusting me to capture such an important event! Love you both!

<3 Chloe