Seth + Savvy

Seth and Savvy where married October 13, 2018 in the beautiful state of Oregon. Although they received their pictures long ago I decided to make a post about their beautiful day because it just needed to happen.

I have known Seth for a while and considered him a friend, so I was excited when he started dating Savvy because she gave him a run for his money (which is what he needed). As I got to know Savvy more and more it was apparent how these two were so perfect for each other. So, when the wedding came around I was lucky enough to be their “florist” and Bridesmaidographer. These two busted out a wedding in three-ish months which was impressive to say the least. But, Seth being Seth, decided that he wanted to be married under a pergola in his parents beautiful back yard… the only problem was that the pergola wasn’t built yet. So not only did they plan a wedding in that amount of time, but also built a pergola….. unbelievable (shout out to Seth’s Dad for helping him bust that pergola out).

When people decide to get married in someone’s back yard it’s easy to forget that a lot of times there are animals that live there too. This was the case for Seth and Savvy’s wedding. At their venue there was an adorable cat that belonged to Seth’s parents. This cat thought that everyone was there for her and she made sure everyone knew that. For most brides they might be nervous about a cat being to close to their wedding dress, tipping over decorations or maybe even photobombing too many pictures. Not Savvy, she loves cats more than the average human and it shows in each photo the kitty popped into.

I love to capture the personalities I find at each shoot so this wedding was one to remember. So enjoy the pictures from Seth and Savvy’s wedding. They are both beautiful people and Im lucky to call them both friends.

Mom & Dad

This might not be a typical wedding post, usually my wedding blogs are of young couples excited to start their lives together but this post isn’t that. This post is what a happy marriage looks like 35 years later and I believe that’s something to brag about.

This is my mom and dad. I have obviously had to deal with these two my whole life but I’m not going to complain about it. Just kidding, the one thing I hated growing up is having friends over and then having them start making out on the couch.. that was gross to me. Then when I told them to get a room my dad’s response was, “This whole house is my room”. Well played dad, well played…

Anyways, these two humans have done so much I admire. They have raised five kids, my mom homeschooled all five of us, taught us how to cook, clean, and memorize bible verses. My dad taught us work ethic (even if its an unhealthy one) by working 15-20 hour days so he could provide for his family. They both put all of us kids through Christian education, they took us to church, taught us about God, prayed with us and for us, and have watch almost each one of us kids go threw near death experiences (some kids more than others) while still continuing to trust in God.

As I get older my love, respect and appreciation has grown for both of them. Life is so weird, as a kid all you want to do is get away and be “grown up”, have your own house and your own things. But now, I find myself sitting in my house, wishing that I could just walk down my stairs to my dad’s office and have another late night chat with him (he doesn’t work the same late hours anymore). I miss coming home from school after a long day and having a home-cooked meal smelling up the house, especially one that I didn’t have to make myself.

As I took my parents pictures today time stopped for a second, they both finished kissing then looked at me and smiled for a picture. I realized right then that one day I would look at that picture I just took and it would just be a sweet memory I could look back on….and that’s all I would have, a memory. Maybe it’s because death has been happening way to much in my life lately but it made me sad to think about for a number of reasons. I realized that two people I lived with almost for my whole life have now become two people I love but hardly even see and I felt a little homesick…why do we put so many things in front of our loved ones? Was work, a phone game or text messages that much more Important than spending time with the people we care about?

Life is so short, but it’s very sweet. I was raised by two amazing people that loved God and their family. I will always look up to my parents and be thankful that they taught me how to love the Lord, care for others, how to work hard, and follow my dreams. Two things I will thank God for tonight is that I had loving parents that showed me what a healthy relationship & marriage looks like and that I got to spend today celebrating it with them.

So remember to love each other and don’t take the little things for granted.

I love you mom and dad, thank you for being such amazing parents, I’m so happy we got to spend the day with you.

You’re both sexy and I don’t care who knows it!

Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary <3

Leiran + Zack

I meet Leiran about a year and a half ago when she came over to my house with my bestest cousin, Hadley, for Graduation at Walla Walla University. We started talking about how she was getting married in a little over a year and how excited she was about it. Hadley had told her I was a photographer and we started talking about her wedding. A month or so later she picked up the phone and called me, she wanted me to shoot her wedding and I was honored. So after about a year of talking & planning with the bride and groom I made my way over to beautiful Snohomish, Washington!

I love shooting weddings because I get to be apart of a new family for a day. Each family I have worked with has loved on me and treated me like gold and this family wasn’t any different. The love in this family brought me to tears multiple times with how much love was shown to each other and me (yes I cry at weddings). Usually it’s mostly the Bride and Groom that are so welcoming and loving but this time it was two other people that were especially welcoming and kind, the venue owners! When Leiran and Zack were talking about getting married Leiran told their family friends down the street (Lance and Nancy) that she wanted to get married in their yard. Lance and Nancy said their house wasn’t ready for a wedding so Leiran so kindly gave them a year to figure it out!

Lance and Nancy’s labor of love showed not only with all the hard work they did for the venue but also everything they did for the wedding day and the days leading up to the wedding! The night before the wedding there was a flash flood that put some of the venue under water since they had a pond that overflowed. Lance and Nancy weren’t about to let a little flash flood ruin the wedding so around 3 or 4 in the morning (I honestly don’t think they slept) they got up and raked all the bark dust back into all the flower beds and fixed everything the flash flood ruined. It doesn’t stop there, throughout the whole wedding they would help me every step of the way. I didn’t want to get the bridesmaid dresses dirty so they held a wooden dowel so I could hang the bridesmaid’s dresses on it. At one point I was taking pictures of the bride and the soft wind stopped so Lance freaking walked out and got a giant board so he could fan the bride for me! I’m honestly going to hire them to go to every wedding with me! They were a God sent for so many people that day! I know I only saw maybe 5% of what they did that day!

Like all weddings, I felt honored to capture such a beautiful and special day! Thank you everyone for the love you showed me and for excepting me into your beautiful family for the day!


Patrick + Ericka

Let's start with the fact that this shoot was very special to me. The Bride, Ericka, is my sister and Patrick has been her one-and-only for over six years! These two love birds met at Upper Columbia Academy and started dating their Sophomore year of high school. They endured the long distance relationship in the summer time, went to almost all their school banquets together, and then finally got engaged to be married 5+ years later.

Ericka and Patrick decided to get married on the beautiful Island of Kauai, Hawaii. I was my sisters bridesmaid and photographer, which I like to call Bridesmaidographer, and it was a lot of work but worth it in the end! I feel SO honored that my sister and brother-in-law trusted me, and my style of shooting, on the most important day of their lives. It's one thing if you take pictures for someone you don't know and a completely different thing to do it for someone that's so important to you (and you care about their opinion). Yes, I might have had to stop shooting a few times because I was crying BUT other than that the day went smoothly. 

I am so proud to be apart of such an amazing family and Im so excited to share these beautiful pictures of my sister and our new family addition! I love you Ericka and Patrick! Im so happy I got to capture these pictures for you!


Bryce + Lindsey

This gorgeous wedding was in the beautiful, Montana, Glacier National Park! We couldn't ask for a prettier day or a better couple. Everything was wonderful, from the music to the amazing view!

Congratulations to the wonderful Mr & Mrs Newlands! Im so happy I got to be apart of such a special day! Enjoy your little preview! <3

Jeff + Lauren

Where do I start with these two!? I have known Jeff and his family.... pretty much my whole life. SO, I was so excited to hear that he fell in love with a gorgeous girl that was just as wonderful as he was/is! 

Jeff, Lauren and I had our first shoot together in the winter time.  It was snowing like crazy and we were freezing our bums off but that didn't keep them from having a great time and getting some pretty incredible pictures! It's easy to take pictures of two people that are obviously so in love and have such amazing chemistry, so I knew the wedding would be amazing.

The wedding day came and I couldn't believe how everything came together. The weather was a God sent! Honestly, the weather was what I was praying it would be! Clear blue sky with a nice breeze and even lighting! There's nothing worse then shooting an outdoor wedding in 105 degree weather (last year I did three weddings in june that were over 100 degrees.... it sucked, lol). I think ALL of us were happy with that day's forecast! 

That Friday, I was so blessed with working with two amazing families, having a good friend of mine help me shoot the wedding, having the perfect weather, shooting in a beautiful venue, working with extremely easy going bride and groom, eating delicious food, and enjoying a day filled with love! 

So, with that being said, congratulations Jeff & Lauren Gilbert! Prayers to you, your new family, and a life filled with joy and love! Thanks for trusting me to capture such an important event! Love you both!

<3 Chloe

Nathan + Susan

MY CHICAGO SHOOT!!!! So, this was my first major trip for shooting a wedding and it was a blast! I got to hang out with a beautiful family and be apart of an amazing day! The groom was a stud, the bride was GORGEOUS and the weather was sunny and clear (it was suppose to rain so I was happy for great weather).

The bride and bridesmaids were able to get ready at Courtney's house (the bride's sister-in-law) and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect location! Thank you so much Nathan and Susan for letting me be apart of such a special day! Love you both and I hope you enjoy your pictures!!!

Dustin + Elissa

I love weddings, I cry at almost every single wedding I shoot... I don't care if I know the bride and groom or not, it almost always happens, but this one had a very special place in my heart (so obviously I cried at least 4 times that day...) Dustin and I have gone to school together since we were in grade school and Elissa has become like a sister to me. These two got a hold of me over a year ago to set everything up, then on May 17th, 2015 it finally happened! The weather was perfect, the bride and groom where smokin' hot (A+ on the attractiveness level), and everything ran so smoothly that my ten hours of shooting went by in a flash (yes I love camera puns).

I wanted to start posting a mini gallery for my clients and for their family and friends to enjoy. Yes, wedding shoots take some time to edit so it's nice to have a little preview for everyone to enjoy; it's nice to have something to hold you over until you can see ALL the pictures. So, Dustin and my beautiful Elissa, I love you two so much and Im SO blessed to have you in my life AND to have been apart of such an important day! Enjoy your preview!! 

<3 Chloe