Baby Hummel

Kymbre and Austin are two of the most beautiful people for more reasons than I can list, God made them for each other and it shows. I have known Kymbre my whole life (since we are cousins) and when she married Austin I knew I would love him ALMOST just as much! I was beyond excited to hear Kym and Austin were having a baby and told Kymbre that the moment that baby was born I would be there with a camera in his cute face!

Fast-forward to today, It’s been a packed week but I was able to move everything I had on Friday and make a day trip over to the other side of the state. On my way over from Walla Walla I stopped in Yakima to say hi to my parents and somehow convinced them that driving me over to Bellingham was a good idea. So all three of us hit the road.

When we got to Kymbre & Austin’s house I walked in the door I was greeted with a huge bearhug from Austin then Kymbre came around the corner with baby Sawyer and I melted! Seeing two amazing people you love with all your heart become parents and seeing that their baby is perfect, happy and healthy is such an answer to prayer!

Taking newborn pictures isn’t easy, the baby is the boss of the shoot if you like it or not. Although, I will say doing newborn photography is in the top three when it comes to my favorite shoot to do! When a baby is fussing or not working with you it’s just that much more rewarding when you get that perfect shot. I like the challenge and working with little humans, I mean come on…. don’t get me started on how cute baby feet are. Sawyer, on the other hand, was a model baby. Did he fuss a little because he was hungry? Yes. Did he pee on everything? Almost. But he was striking poses left and right! I could’ve taken pictures of him for days (weeks)!

Not only was Sawyer a perfect client but I also had the most adorable house to work with! Kym and Austin have worked months and months trying to get the upstairs done before the baby came and they finished it just in time and made an adorable nursery! Everything I used in the shoot was from their beautiful home.

I am so happy I got to spend a couple hours with this beautiful family and their beautiful home and I’m excited to share these pictures with you guys!

Love you guys! <3