Birthday ART Party

To me the best type of party is an ART PARTY! The last year I have decided to grow the ART side of my business since I’ve been growing the photography side of my business for over 9 years. The last year or two I have started private art classes, family painting parties, painting parties for businesses, after school art class, and summer classes for kids. All year long I am teaching art one way or another! Well, one of my favorite parties happened this weekend and I thought I would share it with you guys!

The pictures below were taken this weekend from an Birthday Party Art Class! I have known this family for a while but I recently saw the mother and daughter in Hobby Lobby (thank you Jesus for bringing one to College Place) and she was telling me how her artistic daughter wanted to paint for her party! So, she purchased a paint night for her daughter and all her friends. Every party I host, I ask the client to decide what custom-piece they want for their party… well, the birthday girl wanted a llama! So a llama is what we painted!

Usually I will post a picture of the party but I decided to capture a little more than just an image because I wanted to share the joy and beauty I get to work with every day. (That and the photographer in me had to take more pictures) Please excuse my #phonetography quality. I didn’t have my nice DSLR!

When I “go to work” and my job is teaching 12 beautiful artist how to paint or create…nothing, for me, gets better than that!

Look at these faces below and how proud they are of their beautiful work and tell me I don’t have the best job! (you don’t need to tell me I already know)