Enable Art Gala 2019

The fourth Art Gala is in the books and it was a great one! I am SO PROUD of this group of artists!

This year I featured my WWVA high school art class, WWVA highschool photography class, Youth Art Summer Camp Program, Kids Art Summer Class Program, and my After School Art Program. All together I featured over 40 students (even though not all of them could make it this year).

I love my job and love my students and I was so excited to feature each one of them and their beautiful artwork! Thank you for the 450+ people that showed up to support me and my students this year. Another huge thank you to parents, current students, and my wonderful former students that helped me set up! You are all a blessing to me!

If you would like your kids to be a part of this program Summer Art Camp Sign-ups are here and going fast!

  • CALENDAR: https://www.enable-art.com/2019-summer-camp-calendar

  • SIGN UP: https://www.enable-art.com/summercampsignup

  • PURCHASE: https://www.enable-art.com/purchase-camps

  • If you would like to donate to Enable Art or my WWVA art or photography program feel free to donate here: https://www.enable-art.com/donations

Birthday ART Party

To me the best type of party is an ART PARTY! The last year I have decided to grow the ART side of my business since I’ve been growing the photography side of my business for over 9 years. The last year or two I have started private art classes, family painting parties, painting parties for businesses, after school art class, and summer classes for kids. All year long I am teaching art one way or another! Well, one of my favorite parties happened this weekend and I thought I would share it with you guys!

The pictures below were taken this weekend from an Birthday Party Art Class! I have known this family for a while but I recently saw the mother and daughter in Hobby Lobby (thank you Jesus for bringing one to College Place) and she was telling me how her artistic daughter wanted to paint for her party! So, she purchased a paint night for her daughter and all her friends. Every party I host, I ask the client to decide what custom-piece they want for their party… well, the birthday girl wanted a llama! So a llama is what we painted!

Usually I will post a picture of the party but I decided to capture a little more than just an image because I wanted to share the joy and beauty I get to work with every day. (That and the photographer in me had to take more pictures) Please excuse my #phonetography quality. I didn’t have my nice DSLR!

When I “go to work” and my job is teaching 12 beautiful artist how to paint or create…nothing, for me, gets better than that!

Look at these faces below and how proud they are of their beautiful work and tell me I don’t have the best job! (you don’t need to tell me I already know)

The Beginnings of an Artist

When I was eight years old, I did something and disobeyed my Mother. I was then sent to my room and told not to come out until I realized what I had done. Well, I went to my room and tried to occupy my sentence of boredom until I remembered that I had a brand new "hello kitty" note pad that I hadn't used yet. 

I looked around and thought... "what could I draw?"... I thought about drawing my perfectly arranged Beanie Babies (because who didn't collect those in the 90's?) but it was to hard to capture how cute they were in a drawing. I tried drawing my bed, but that was just a dumb idea. Then, I looked out the window and thought, "I'll draw my neighbors house!" As I sat down with my pudgy little fingers, and brand new sketch pad, I realized the house was extremely detailed. There were lots of windows, siding, shingles, etc...Then I had a thought that changed it all, "If I can see it, I should be able to draw it." I then started drawing a very detailed 3D image of the house. Two or three hours went by and my Mom finally came up to see what I had learned from my punishment. After some coercion, I finally showed my Mom what I had been working on. Upon seeing what I had drawn she completely forgot about the original reason I was sent up to my room, and she immediately enrolled me into art classes the very next week. 


Since then I have taken three art classes. My first when I was 8, my second when I was 10, and then again when I was a freshman in high school. During my freshman year I was in a gallery but withdrew so that I could focus on my school work. Then in my sophomore year I won the grand prize in the Washington Apple Education Foundation Art Contest, where my painting went up against over 400 other artist creations.



Since that contest I have been trying different techniques and styles to help build my art portfolio. There have been key people that have helped me along the way, but for the most part my artwork has been self taught.

I work in all of the major mediums which include: oils, acrylics, chalks, pen, and pencil. For right now I love working with pencil the best. The amount of detail that you can get with a pencil and piece of paper is addicting, and I’ve found that it is by far my favorite medium.  

Since starting out doing artwork almost 15 years ago I have expanded my skills by also focusing on photography. My favorite part of photography is working with my clients in an intimate setting that allows me to try and truly capture who they are in a specific moment in time.

I continue to try and push my abilities in new and exciting ways. This last August (2013) I started my very first art class for young children. Oh my word, best time of my life! For my first teaching experience I learned how incredible it is to share something you are passionate about with someone else. There are a lot of people who have influenced me in my life, but at the top of my list are my former art teachers. I will never forget how overwhelming it was to be ten years old and told to come to the teenage art class. When I arrived there all of the teenage students were asking, “Why is that girl here?” When they finally saw my artwork they were able to answer that question for themselves. It has been my former art teachers that have pushed me and encouraged me and have helped me be the person I am today, which is why it was such a blessing to have the opportunity to be that for someone else with teaching my own art class.

A few of my students <3

A few of my students <3

For that reason alone, I am SO motivated about working on becoming an art teacher, someone who can touch a life like no one else can. I can hardly wait for next summer!! 

I might be twenty-two years old right now but I have no doubt that I will make my mark in the world.