After Living in Spokane, Washington for over eleven years, Chloe decided to move to the beautiful city of Walla Walla so she could finish her business degree and continue to grow her art and photography business. Since she has been in Walla Walla the last four years she has become the art & photography teacher at Walla Walla Valley Academy. Now she has started teaching summer art classes for kids, after-school art classes, and family painting nights for her community.

Though only 27, she has already begun to make her mark in the art world. Her romance began at the mere age of eight years old when the brushes and colors captured her heart. That love placed in her heart over 19 years ago is still blazing strong and she now lives to share her passion with others.

Chloe loves building relationships with her community and has always liked encouraging others to be creative. She has worked in the community by painting large murals in multiple businesses and offering art classes and paint nights to all ages.

Passionate about her love for God, her love for art, and her love for others she is determined to open up a gallery in Walla Walla area so she can continue to create, inspire, and teach.

"A lot of artist weren't born with entrepreneur minds; we were programed to be creative, and sometimes, less organized/business minded. Artist need to be turned in the right direction and work with someone they trust. I plan on becoming that person, the person that ENABLES other artists and help them become more professional, dependent, and successful."

Chloe Congleton's love for life overflows into everything she puts her hands to. If you would like to see the world through Chloe’s eyes, you are at the right website.