2015/16 - 1st WWVA Gala

18 WWVA Art Students (Main Street Studio, Walla Walla, WA)

2015 - 1st ENABLE ART Gala

10 Summer Class Students (Fine Art Center, WWU)

2016/17 - 2nd WWVA Gala

19 WWVA Art Students, 14 WWVA Photography Students, & 13 WWVA Tech Students (Courtyard Marriott Hall, Walla Walla, WA)

2017/18 - 3rd WWVA Gala

13 WWVA Art Students & 10 WWVA Photography Students (Fine Art Center, WWU)


2018/19 - 2nd ENABLE ART GALA

10 WWVA Art Students, 6 WWVA Photography Students, 28 Enable Art Summer Camp Students, 16 Enable Art After School Art Students


I grew up loving everything about art, I still remember my first art show when I was 8. I felt so professional showing of my painted 4x4 tiles I made in an art program that school year. As I grew up my love for art continued to grow but I felt like a lot of people didn’t take fine art “seriously”. In high school I was in sports, music and art. I remember all the trips for both sports and music, and the beautiful concerts the music program put on. The art department at my school had a “showcase” but it always felt like an afterthought. Usually the “Art Show” in my high school was art that was “showcased” at the back of the gym by the bathrooms when a music program was happening or it was just posted in the school halls for a quarter. I was discouraged that it wasn’t as big as a deal especially since I loved art and put so much work into it.

What always encouraged me was looking at old artwork and seeing how far I had come as an artist. So my first year I decided to have each student draw whatever they wanted, at whatever artistic level they were at, then I was going to teach them the basics on how to draw, shade, graph… all the important things to learn when you are first starting out. Then, I was going to have them redraw the same picture after two quarters of lessons to see if they would improve. I had no idea how much each student would improve, but when we looked at the before and afters from each student that first year I was completely shocked, as were my students. They were so proud of what they had accomplished (as was I) that I decided right there I needed to throw them a special event to showcase all their hard work. That’s when the “Art Gala” was born. I wanted to throw them a high class event just for them. I found a venue, figured out food and music and matted each picture myself.

Each year the Art Gala has grown. The first Art Gala in 2015/16, we had around 150 people show up and I was showcasing 18 WWVA students. This year will be my fourth year hosting the Art Gala and we are expecting over 600 people and we will be showcasing 60 young artist, both from my WWVA & Enable Art classes. It’s exciting to be showcasing such a wide range of young artists this year, the students range in age from 5-17 years old.


Walla Walla Valley Academy, 300 SW Academy Way, College Place, WA 99324


TUESDAY NIGHT, April 2nd, 6:00-8:00pm, the event is come and go as you please.

GUEST VOTING: If you would like to vote “Best in Show” & “Most Improved” voting will be open from 6:00-7:15, Winners will be announced at 7:45 pm

STUDENTS apart of this event need to arrive at 5:00pm to go over event the program with Chloe and find where their artwork/photography is hung up.



STUDENTS APPART OF EVENT are required to dress up in formal attire. (If for some reason they are not able to dress up formally please contact Chloe at 509.828.7883)

GUESTS formal attire is preferred but business casual is also allowed


  • Gorgeous Venue

  • Live Music

  • Catered Food

  • Art Showcase - Summer Camps

  • Art Showcase - After School Programs

  • Art Showcase - WWVA Art

  • Photography Showcase - WWVA Photography

  • Voting for Most Improved & Best in Show

  • Guest Judges (Judging 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each category)

  • Cash Prizes for Art Students

  • Silent Auctions

  • Raffles

  • WWVA Booth

  • Enable Art Booth

  • Photo Booth

  • Professional Photographer


13+ years // $15 ($20 the day of the gala/at the door)

7-12 years // $8 ($10 the day of the gala/at the door)

6 years or younger // FREE


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