Being creative is so important. When we go to work or school, it's hard to give our brains a break from the day to day grind and just let our creative juices flow free! This is why I teach art classes, to help you free your creativity! Find an open weekend or afternoon, grab a few friends and come throw some paint on a canvas. I promise you have nothing to lose!

Group Art Classes

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each month Enable Art host drawing, painting and crafting classes. These classes are two hour classes that range from $35-$55 per person. The material each month is brand new and you leave each class with a finished product. These classes aren't only fun, but you also learn new techneiques to better your artistic skills!

Group Art Parties

Group parties are so much fun! If you are looking for a fun party idea for your kids birthday, office party or girls night out this is what you need to book! Pick your canvas size, what you want to paint, then let us know how many people are coming then you are ready to go! Enable Art does all the set up and take down, provides all the supplies and materials, brings all the refreshments, and the best part is you get to walk away with some gorgeous artwork! This party can come to your home or be in a studio environment, you are in charge!


After school art class is meant for the younger artists that want to explore all the different artistic mediums. In class we will learn how to create, draw and design. Classes are Monday - Thursday from 3-5. 

Summer Camps

Each Year Enable Art has a different Summer Program. Please check the summer schedule and register the artist in the camp of your choice. Once you have registered the artist in the camp, then pay the fee to save the artist spot in class. Seating is limited, only 20 places per class a week!

(Classes start at $150 Per week, all supplies included)

Private Lessons

Private lessons are wonderful if you are looking for a one time gift for that artsy friend or for any person just wanting to learn more about art. These one on one classes are very helpful and meant to focus in on the basics. With private lessons students are able to choose what medium they want to work.

(Private Lessons start at $100)


Enable Art believes in encouraging our future generation of young artist. During the school year, when she teaches high school art and photography, she puts on a formal gala for all of her students towards the end of the year. This event is meant to showcase what her students are doing in class and how much they have improved throughout the school year. This is something she also enjoys doing for her summer art camp students. These events are fun for all ages and it's a wonderful way to show of the students hard work.